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White Viper
By Creative Sparks
Commodore 64

Published in Computer & Video Games #58

White Viper

After being more than slightly surprised by the high quality of Snodgits, I was looking forward to having a bash at this game. They are completely different. Snodgits was worth the money.

There is some reasonable music to accompany your quest. As the scene opens, you are presented with a colourful, though not particularly artistic, screen. There are two characters walking side by side. It's you and your girlfriend - a princess. Suddenly, out of the trees comes a rather revolting black thingy, which proceeds to whisk the lady of your dreams away.

Being put in a less-than cheery mood at such events, you vow to get her back, and revenge on whatever it was that took her. Before you can go about this task, you'll have to find transport. That is the second part of the game: you are in a field with a horse. You'll have to work out how to trap him. After this you progress to various other stages, involving collecting pieces of armour, etc.

It's all pretty dreadful.