Waydor (IMS) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By IMS Software
Oric 48K/Atmos

Published in Home Computing Weekly #54

Another adventure game, but different from most others presently available in that it includes plenty of illustrations. In fact every location, and I have found at least two dozen, is illustrated colourfully using the Oric's hi-res display. These appear instantly whenever you enter a new place, and are representative if not highly artistic.

It is set in and around a castle. Enough clues are presented to allow you to solve the problems and collect the treasures required. I suspect that a complete solution is probably not too difficult but since I have not completed it yet I might be deluding myself.

The adventure is written entirely in machine code which provides the fast and memory saving method needed to allow such liberal use of graphics. It also makes it much harder to cheat.

You either love or hate adventures, and a lot of the success of a game depends on the width of its vocabulary. Waydor uses a reasonably large collection of words, but you may have to try quite a few combinations before achieving your aim. This can be frustrating, but persevere - you will be surprised.


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