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Home Computing Weekly

Walls And Bridges/Zombie Mambo
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #33

In Walls and Bridges, you play against the computer or another player. The object is to win land with your knight by strategically moving round the screen.

Once territory has been captured, however, it cannot be re-occupied - whether your own or opponent's.

Other dangers include monsters, only visible when moving, forbidden forest and larva pit.

Battle is waged through 10 rounds, points awarded to the winner of each. A range of options is provided to increase difficulty of play.

Zombie Mambo is a two-part game, each being loaded separately. The first is set in a cemetary where you must unearth three keys to open the sorcerer's tomb.

Each grave either contains a key or a zombie. If the latter, your progress is impeded by pursuit.

The second part is in the tomb itself. Here you open vaults to collect money, sometimes finding monsters or perhaps a weapon for defence.