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WWF Wrestlemania
By Ocean
Spectrum 128K

Published in Sinclair User #118

WWF Wrestle Mania

Welcome to WWf Wrestlemania. As promised in last month's preview we've got the lowdown on the whole game, beamed by satellite straight to SU Towers, London, courtesy of the WWF and Ocean. This afternoon our commentators are Garth "The Whole Deal" Sumpter and Alan "Brick Outhouse" Dykes.

WHOLE DEAL SUMPTER: Well Al, I'm darn glad we turned up here this evening 'cos we're going to witness the downfall of that big sissy Hulk Hogan!

OUTHOUSE AL: Well I gotta disagree with you there Whole Deal, Hogan has the arms, Hogan has the skill and Hogan has the prettier face, and you can bet that all those Hulkamaniacs out there in Spectrum land are backin' him too, he's just gotta win.

WWF WrestleMania

WHOLE DEAL: So what does the game look like from the beginning then?

OUTHOUSE: You know Whole Deal it looks real good. Ya start off with a choice of three wrestlers; Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior and someone very close to home, Leeds in fact, The British Bulldog. The basic moves include punching, kicking, shoulder charges, jumping high kicks, ground kicks and of course floor pins. These are simply activated by wiggling the joystick in the direction you want to go, or moving it up and down for high or low kicks then pressing the fire button. Easy as pie! In addition each wrestler has a special move, Hulk's is the pile driver, Bulldog's is the powerslam and Warrior's is the gorilla press. When armlocked with an opposing wrestler ya gotta wiggle that joystick and if you do it faster than him you'll throw him and see your special move, if not you'll see his! When you're lying on the ground or pinned down ya gotta press the fire button as rapidly as possible to get back up before the three count.

WHOLE DEAL: Hold on. ya mean to tell me that there's only three wrestlers in the game?

WWF WrestleMania

OUTHOUSE: No ya great daft Brummie. Hogan, Warrior and Bulldog are the guys that YOU get to use, the opposition comes from the bad guys. Mr. Perfect, the Warlord, the Million Dollar Man, the Mountie and Sergeant Slaughter. These guys all have their own special moves as well.

WHOLE DEAL: Right whadda ya think of the game overall?

Outhouse: Whole Deal I think they gave you the wrong name, 'cos this game is really the whole deal! It's good in single player mode but really pins you down in the two player scenario where you can assume an identity and whack all yer pals. The graphics represent each wrestler extremely well and the sprites are very big. Action is well animated and all the moves are there. Unfortunately the ring takes up most of the screen so you can't actually see your wrestler if he climbs up one of the corner posts, nevertheless jumping from one is still lethal and the soundtrack and introduction are wicked too.

WWF WrestleMania

WHOLE DEAL: Well B.O. (phew!!) we re basically looking at a darn fine game, it puts all the action and all the special moves of real WWF wrestling right there in yer Spectrum. It's a pity there aren't any difficulty options and it doesn't show more ringside action but the package as it stands lives up to all expectations.

OUTHOUSE: Yep! Roll on Hulk Hogan.

Label: Ocean Memory: 48K/128K Price: £12.99 Tape, £15.99 Disk Reviewer: Big Al Dykes

Overall Summary

Well I gotta tell ya folks, this one's a real winner and anyone who says different will get a lip that's thicker than Hulk Hogan's right arm. Big graphics, big moves and big gameplay. A thumping good game.

Alan Dykes

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