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By Martech
BBC Model B

Published in Acorn User #059

Save The Earth Yet Again

In case you were wondering, the task here is to save the Earth single-handed by embarking on bombing raids in huge Droidan cylinders. These look like giant caterpillars moving through space! Progress is hampered by the presence of the Droidans who do not take kindly to your valiant efforts.

The game has some of the elements of Psycastria. First, the 'bomb the nasties to save the Earth' theme, and second, the screen, a mere three inches by five inches. Although small, the brilliant Mode 4 graphics easily compensate. By the clever use of shading, detailed space stations and terrains are depicted using only two colours (black and blue - obviously how the Droidans feel after your raid!). In the harder version of the game, huge claws and eyeballs on stalks litter the cylinders.

Gameplay is good with four-directional movement of your spaceship over the screen. One word of warning though; it's possible to crash into buildings and ships that are just off the bottom of the screen, so try to avoid that area. To kill the aliens, just hold down the Return key (in a similar way to Galaforce).

After playing the game extensively, I can thoroughly recommend it. If I didn't have this review disc, I would not hesitate on spending the £12.95 asking price for my own copy.

One final point. Does anyone know what the letters in W.A.R. stand for? Perhaps it's a cry from people who would prefer sound on/off keys - what a racket!

Robert Miller

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