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Virtual Open Tennis
By Acclaim
Sega Saturn (EU Version)

Published in Mean Machines Sega #45

Virtual Open Tennis

Uncle Acclaim have picked up the only Saturn tennis title (so far) for release over here. This was the second game in Imagineer's 'virtual' sports range, the first being the appalling Virtual Volleyball. This is a significant improvement - three types of court, doubles or singles matches, indoor or outdoor games, exhibition and championship modes, and a nifty training option that allos you to practise your serve, smash and accuracy away from the gaze of the unforgiving public.

While a lot of the technique is taken care of by routine dives and leaps that you simply initiate with a button press, there is a real 'interactive' feel that makes this highly playable. The slightly ropey graphics let things down a bit - it's all a bit 'wobbly', with the grass cours presenting an especially prorridgy look that gets quite difficult on the eye. Theres also a problem judging perspectives if you're playing at the far end of the court, but if you can't wait for Sampras Extreme then this won't let you down.


Overall 78%
Looking a bit rough around the edges doesn't prevent this being very playable.