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Virtua Fighter Kids
By Sega
Sega Saturn (EU Version)

Published in Mean Machines Sega #49

Virtua Fighter Kids

This is essentially a reworking of Virtua Fighter 2, itself the best 3D beat-'em-up on the face of the planet. So why is this worth investing in if (a) you've already got Virtua Fighter 2, or (b) you were never interested to buy it in the first place?

Well, it's a tenner cheaper than most games for a start. It's also the most advanced beat-'em-up the Saturn has ever seen - VF Kids runs 20% faster than VF2, features mid-round replays, new combos and more camera angles and dramatic finishes.

There's a lot to discover, and at this bargain price it's definitely worth going for if you haven't already got Virtua Fighter 2. If you have got VF2, VF Kids' new features might seem like garnish you can live without.


Bridges the gap until VF3, but some might be put off by the similarities to VF2 and the kitsch overload.