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Video World
By Graham Perry
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer & Video Games #76

Video World

Here's a completely original format for an adventure, where you find out what you are carrying by the command PROPS, and move by EXIT. It makes a refreshing change from the usual scenario of overcoming-evil-arch-tyrant-of-Uungawalli-tribe-hellbent-on-using-magical-powers-for-destructive-purposes.

You start in a living room - with the curtains open. Daylight streams in and illustrates the room. In the fireplace, smoke from dying embers drift slowly up the chimney. An open doorway leads to the garden. Stand by!! And cue the Star!

That, of course, is you. You don't so much have to type in words that are in the game's vocabulary, as are in the film script!

"Sorry, Love, that's not in the script!" This is a Glen P. Megaschwartz Jnr Production.

In text only, colour is well used to make an attractive screen layout. As for the problems - now that's another matter! How do you enter a shed guarded by a vicious triffid? And how do you deal with the piranha-filled pond?

Close up: The Star thrashes about in the water. Special Effects: The water turns red. Fade out. Press any channel to continue.