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Video Titles
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #61

This program, written by the man behind Stainless Software, is the Extended Basic version of a TI Basic original.

If you have ever seen the demonstration program which used to be run on the TI in retailers, then you will have some idea of the presentation this program can produce.

By giving the computer instructions in the form of three-letter mnemonics, you can print text horizontally or vertically in many directions, scroll up or print normally - that is, on line 24 with upward scroll. You can set screen and character colours, pause for a specified time, and the instructions can be saved and reloaded from either tape or disk.

Up to 400 entries can be made using this version, and any files produced with the TI Basic version can be run as well - good to see compatibility between the original and the update.

The documentation is quite good, and must generally be referred to when using the mnemonic instructions. Suggestions are also given to assist those wishing to expand the program's capacity and facilities.


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