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Video Poker
By Entertainment USA
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #17

Las Vegas Video Poker

Forget having to enter those smokey and violent gambling casinos just to play a decent game of poker. Now you can stay at home and sit in a comfy chair in front of your Commodore, and have a good game without fear of losing five inches off your wallet or having your legs broken because you can't pay off your debts. What this program does is turn your favourite computer info a poker machine, similar to the sort of gambling machine you might find in your local arcade.

At the start of a game you are asked what sort of coins you would like to gamble with - nickels, dimes, quarters or dollars. It makes no difference what you gamble with, because you are always given twenty coins.

You are then asked to bet up to five coins. Once you've placed your bet, five cards slide down from the top of the screen and turn themselves face up. After casting a beady eye over them you can decide which cards to keep, and which to discard. Pressing the corresponding number on the keyboard 'holds' a card.

When you are happy with your selection, pressing the space bar discards the unwanted cards and brings the new ones into view. If that hand is a winner then you are awarded 'money', the amount depending upon how much of a stake you laid down in the first place. The game then returns beck to the betting phase and continues until you lose all your money.


I can't see much point in releasing straightforward gambling games on a home computer, since there is never any real risk or excitement involved. I didn't enjoy playing Video Poker at all, it's boring and offers no challenge whatsoever. This is one of very few Mastertronic games which isn't worth the time, let alone the money.


Video Poker is dull. There is no excitement in the gambling whatsoever, because you can't relate to the money sprites as being real cash. To be fair, the graphics and sound are promising, but the game is plain - nay, 'tis mega-mindless, boring, one hundred percent crud. If this is gambling then it is best left in Las Vegas, as it certainly hasn't caught on in Ludlow.


Presentation 80%
Nicely laid out and very easy to use.

Graphics 39%
Colourful cards and machine, but that's all there is.

Sound 70%
Pleasant Rob Hubbard ditty on the title screen, and the sound effects are quite imaginative.

Hookability 18%
Play it once...

Lastability 9%
...and it won't darken your C64's RAM again.

Value For Money 15%
If you want a gambling game then Vegas Jackpot is the same price and more exciting.

Overall 11%
A terminally boring piece of software.