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By Ocean
Commodore 64/128

Published in Computer & Video Games #56

V (The Visitors)

This, according to Ocean, is "an all out attack" by the little green men from our favourite TV series. Just in case you were one of the few people "unfortunate" enough to have missed the show, the plot is utterly elementary.

Far, far away, there was a planet which was inhabited by green creatures with an enormous appetite. After a couple of thousand years of munching away, the food suddenly ran out. Not being the sort of race to go without elevenses, the lizards decided to go out for a meal. Trouble is, "out" is Earth, and the human race is the main course!

You take on the role of Donovan - reluctant hero and leader of the infamous resistance organisation. Being the hero type - however reluctant - you decide that id's be a fairly reasonable idea to get onto the aliens' mothership and disable it.

The game has some good - if not exactly attractive - graphics, and some nice sound effects.

The first obstacle had me thoroughly stumped. You begin the game stuck between two yellow flashing walls, and there you stay, unless you can figure out exactly what you have to do. (I couldn't!)

On the lower half of the screen is a panel displaying various special functions and messages. This is really the crux of the whole game. By using the joystick to select certain icons, you can break the security codes which keep doors locked, and operate the bomb timing devices.

The problem is that the icons don't have anything as helpful as a diagram of a bomb on them. Instead, they are made up of letters from the "V"-ian alphabet. This made everything rather less accurate than trial-and-error.

The thought of the Editor finding me in such a sorry position gave me enough courage to phone Ocean...

Apparently, by moving to a certain icon, and pressing the fire button, you enter a "security mode". You are then presented with a series of seven digits. By using the joystick in another strange way, you are - supposedly - able to align all o fthese digits so they look the same. This, hopefully, will open the door.

If you are a code-cracking type of genius, you'll probably enjoy this game.