Amstrad Action


Author: Bob Wade
Publisher: Ocean
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #11


The science fiction TV series about reptiles invading the Earth in rubber suits that make them look human and severely impair their acting ability has appeared in computer form. The game takes place on the alien mothership where Donovan, the hero of the TV series who has the smouldering, passionate intensity of a dead fish, has to plant explosive charges to destroy the ship.

The ship is composed of five 'planes', each one being split into 25 levels, and each level is split into sectors. On each plane there is a vital location, such as a nuclear reactor or computer, where Donovan has to plant a bomb. There are also laboratories where he can collect parts of the 'red dust' formula, which kills the aliens.

Donovan moves around the ship by running along seemingly endless, uniform corridors, and by using beamer pads to move between floors. Everywhere there are alien robots of three varieties that try to stop Donovan. Surveillance robots report his position to the central computer, while maintenance and security robots are more dangerous because they can be rim into. This gives Donovan an electric shock, too many of which and his heart will fail. How-ever the robots can be shot or jumped over.

V (The Visitors)

A 'communiputer' can be used to overcome many of the problems. It will give information on the location of the various rooms, allow the planting of explosives, store the red dust formula and break the codes on security doors.

The ship graphics are nicely done but the robots lack variety and Donovan is disappointingly animated when he jumps. The gameplay is unimpressive, just consisting of a lot of running around with a very occasional pause to do something. The game really needs more puzzles and adventure elements to get you hooked.

Second Opinion

Running around and solving puny puzzles may appeal to you, but it really leaves me cold. The robots are pretty harmless and those nasty hamster-eating lizards don't even make an appearance. Very dull.

Good News

P. A tough exploration task in a large ship.
P. Interesting use of 'lizardise' language on communiputer.

Bad News

N. Very repetitive action just running around the ship.
N. Not much variety or polish to the graphics and animation.
N. Very little to do with the TV series.
N. Not very rewarding even when you do get something right

Green Screen View

Everything's visible, but still no lizards I'm afraid.

Bob Wade

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