By Ultimate
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #39


Like all of Ultimate's games, this one took a long time coming but turns out to be well worth the wait.

Underwurlde is a multi-screen adventure, along the same lines as Sabre Wulf, and features the further exploits of Sabreman.

The Underwurlde must be the largest map ever crammed into a Spectrum. According to Ultimate, there are around six hundred screens.


At the top of each screen is shown your score and how deep you are into the Underwurlde. Your aim is to reach the surface by climbing through all the levels.

One complaint about Sabre Wulf is that most of the screens are the same. The flowers may be pretty but there are too many of them.

You can't say the same for Underwurlde. Each screen is different and the objects and aliens are as good as any previous offering from Ultimate.


So how do you get out from the Underwurlde and what will be there to greet you when you make it? The only clues come from a rhyme on the cassette inlay which tells you little about the game. Like all good adventures, you'll have to find out the rest for yourself.

Your direction controls are up, down, left and right which can be controlled by a joystick or the keyboard. My only gripe about this game, and all of Ultimate's others, is that the keyboard control is difficult. For some reason, they always seem to choose difficult combinations of keys.

The fire button will let you use the weapon which you are currently carrying. Your weapon will defend you from the nasties which, although they won't kill you, will knock you from where you happen to be standing.


My favourite screen so far is a moon-like surface on level 20, with pulsating bubbles floating up to the surface. You can ride a bubble upwards, but it's not easy.

The cassette is turbo loaded and only takes a couple of minutes to load which should also cut down on piracy. If your tape deck isn't too hot, you may have problems. But as the tape's guaranteed for three years, you should be all right.

Sorry? Oh, my verdict? Buy it, of course!