By Firebird
Commodore 64

Published in Computer & Video Games #52


When C&VG reviewed the Spectrum version of this Ultimate classic, we noted that it had been a long time coming but was well worth waiting for. That review appeared in the January 1985 issue. One year on and the C64 version has appeared. Was it worth the wait this time? The answer is... yes.

Underwurlde is well up to the standard expected of an Ultimate game.

The look and the layout of the game is very similar to the Spectrum version. Your score is shown at the top of each screen together with how deep you are in the Underwurlde.

The idea of the game is to escape from the Underwurlde by climbing through various levels, using the objects scattered around the many screens and avoid the multitude of perils.

Underwurlde is excellent fun and great value. Firebird has done a good job with the conversion.