ZX Computing


Author: David Harwood
Publisher: Ultimate
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #18


Yes, yet another excellent game from Ultimate Play The Game. It is hard to imagine what will come next. Can they really beat the quality of this new genre of game?

This is what one would call an arcade adventure game, the only let-down being the key assignment. Q and W are used for left and right, R and E up and down, T for fire, any key on the first half of the bottom row to drop from the rope and any key on the second half of the bottom row to pick up or drop weapons. A fair improvement would have been to define your own keys as us arcadists do get accustomed to using certain keys. The usual joystick option applies, so if you have got one - *use it*.

You are unfortunate enough to be living in a house that has been built over the labyrinth of Hell. In this labyrinth, the task is to find the devil in his lair (the long dark palace) and then you will be beamed up to safety. An easy task? Not at all, as your travels are hindered by the devil's aides, fireballs, eagles, and gremlins to mention but a few. You can use various weapons, from a catapult to daggers, in the quest for your freedom.

If you happen to slip, then you see yourself fall down many levels to the bottom of the Underwurlde and, unless you manage to land on one of the rising volcanic bubbles, a life is lost. When at the bottom, the only way to escape is to jump onto these bubbles, but there are many creatures who try to stop you gaining your freedom.

This is an excellent game, with some of the best animation that I have seen on the Spectrum with the guaranteed Ultimate quality.

David Harwood

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