UAP (D. A. Bandoo) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By D. A. Bandoo
Sinclair QL

Published in Home Computing Weekly #97

UAP stands for Unique Assembler Package, and what it does is to provide the QL machine language programmer with a powerful suite of programs to create machine code routines.

The principle part is the assembler/editor. Standard 68000 assembly language mnemonics can be entered to create a source file. A powerful set of 24 commands, plus the facility for full screen editing of assembly language lines combine to make life easy. Labels of any length can be used, and the assembler supports ORG, DC, DS, MACRO, ENDM, MAC and EQU. Numbers can be entered in one of several bases, and text entry is permitted. The source program can be fully documented, and saved on microdrive, or listed on a printer.

The ASM command creates the object file, which can be saved on microdrive. The two pass assembler gives a list of label addresses, and reports any errors.

At a time when similar packages are appearing at higher prices, UAP will give serious QL programmers a complete machine code package at a reasonable price.