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Twin World
By Ubisoft
Amiga 500

Published in Zzap #57

Twin World

Once upon a time lived a peaceful and prosperous people. And they all lived happily ever after... or they would have done if a nasty magician, the Maldur, hasn't invaded their country with hordes of demons to slaughter them all! Except, that is, for the Ulopa who can now defeat the Maldur by finding the 23 pieces of a shattered magic amulet.

Each of the 23 levels is divided into two parts: above and below ground. Ulopa jumps around platforms, searching for the amulet fragment and then escaping within a time limit. Useful items to collect include jumping springs, parachutes, and magic stars to throw at enemies. Doors connect the two parts of each world, some requiring keys to unlock them.

In two-player mode, the second player takes over the underground exploration.


The separate above/below ground sections and twin player option give this platform arcade adventure a spark of originality.

The graphics are of the cute variety and some of the levels are very weird (especially the underwater ones with clams and sharks). With plenty of neat graphical touches and simple gameplay, programmers Blue Byte have made Twinworld a lot of fun.


It's a pity the main sprite is so uncharismatic because otherwise this is a very fine game. The need to plan your way around the levels adds that vital bit of tactical thinking. Working out how to complete the first four levels was really enjoyable, and 23 levels provide good variety. There's not much originality here, but lots of puzzling levels - albeit overpriced.


Presentation 70%
Neat two-player option and atmospheric intro music.

Graphics 74%
Good variety of baddies and backgrounds.

Sound 82%
Some lovely, restrained in-game tunes.

Hookability 80%
Very playable, especially with two players.

Lastability 84%
23 levels, bonus levels, and six different landscape-types.

Overall 78%
Initially primitive looking but surprisingly playable.