By Bug Byte
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #39


As platform games go for the Spectrum, Bug Byte started it all with Manic Miner.

Turmoil continues the craze which the company started and it's just as good.

You're a mechanic and, once you've collected an oil can from the side of the screen, you have to take it to the top of the screen and fill the can from the leaky tank.


Then, take your can of oil and pour it into the car, which gradually takes shape.

It takes more than one journey to make a full car though. When it's done, you move to a harder screen.

Like Manic Miner, you have to complete one screen before you can move on to the next. If you lose all your lives, you start again from screen one.


There is a training mode, though, which lets you practise the harder screens but you don't score any points this way.

The screens are beautifully animated, with conveyor belts and trampolines to help you escape from the Arabs. Well, what do you expect with all that oil about? They're after that oil and, if you run into one, you lose a life.

You can defend yourself by dropping some oil around the screen which will kill anything it touches. But this means that you'll need even more trips to the tank to fill up the car.

Graphics are as good as any similar game on the Spectrum and sound effects are as bad. But it does play a reasonable version of Stand Up And Fight from Carmen.