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Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #71


I always wanted a train set. But I never got one. But I guess the next thing could be Traxxion - a sort of computerised train set with added blasting.

You find yourself rumbling around in a tank on tracks, within a giant nuclear reactor which is about to go terminally critical.

You must find your way to the exit before the faulty reactor melts down - the resulting explosion will destroy.

To escape you must negotiate crossroads, sliding platforms, points and many other hazards. To change the points you must shoot the flashing controller next to the points.

You can also reverse the direction in which you are travelling by hitting F7, this uses up one of your limited supply of Electro Magnetic Inverters (EMI).

Running off the points or crossroads, hitting obstacles (road blocks and other cars, both of which can be shot), or hitting a dead end is fatal, costing you one of your three craft. Other points of interest to note are the Fuel Caps, the Electrostatic Disintegrators, and the teleports.

The Fuel Caps are the tops of the fuel rods that fuel the reactor. These are exposed for easy refuelling. If these are shot, the time to meltdown will suddenly be increased, as there is now less fuel to melt down.

The Electrostatic Disintegrators are a security system installed to destroy all cars in the vicinity, on impact with any object. Your car has been equipped with a shield to reflect the destructive energy of the Electrostatic Disintegrators.

The teleports once entered by your car, will automatically teleport you to another part of the map.

Your screen display goes like this. On the bottom panel, you will see your score, and the time to meltdown clearly depicted, in large LED numbers.

The TP number is the number of the next teleport which you must head for.

The small cars are the cars you have remaining, the Electro Magnetic Inverters remaining, the JET temperature, and the brake (BRK) temperature.

The last two, on reaching the maximum, stop your car from accelerating and braking respectively, until their temperatures are out of the white areas.

When starting out, always travel slowly, to get the hang of the game, and to get acquainted with the map.

When approaching points, crossroads, and sliding sections, always reduce speed; these are tricky to get used to! Be very sparing with your EMIs - when these run out you have no more left for that car.

Watch your BRK and JET counters, as although they rejuvenate with time, these may run out on you just when you need them.

When possible, always shoot the Electrostatic Disintegrators and Fuel Caps, to destroy all other cars in the vicinity and to gain extra time respectively.

But above all, aim for the teleports, this means you're heading in the right direction.

The key to Traxxion is working out the quickest route to the teleports and being able to hit the points with a well aimed shot just when you want to change direction.

The track presents many other hazards apart from the points - some sections move randomly leaving you nowhere to go if you've used up all your EMIs. Some routes lead to dead-ends - others get you stuck in seemingly endless loops.

Traxxion is a huge game and reasonably addictive too - although after a while playing it you might just start thinking "What's the point?". But then life's like that, isn't it?!

All the same, it should keep you occupied for some time.