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Transistors Revenge
By Softspot
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #43

This game has it all - addiction, speed, interest and an enchanting storyline too.

The scenario is that the discrete components (all those not part of a chip) inside your computer have become jealous of the CPU chip and decide to try to destroy it to vent their frustration.

They do this by moving along the tracks of the printed circuit board until they touch the CPU, causing its destruction.

Transistor's Revenge

They are aided and abetted by mains spikes, which also destroy the processor if it is addressing that line at the time, and various household tools which threaten it ominously.

If you get the impression that this story has enthralled me you are dead right!

You defend the poor processor with energy pulses and are allowed thre re-incarnations per game.

One excellent feature of the program is the ability to carry on from where you last finished, and therefore try levels you would not otherwise reach.

The control layout is excellent, as are the full colour graphics. Just to make things more interesting the circuit down which the components move changes for every level.


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