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Computer Gamer

By Ocean
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer Gamer #11


The Earth has been invaded by powerful robots called the Decepticons and it's up to Optimus Prime, Hound, Jazz, Mirage and Bumblebee to save the day. They are the Autobots which are better known as the Transformers.

To defeat the Decepticons, the Transformers must collect the four pieces of the Autobot Energen cube and assemble it in the Autobot centre before the Decepticons destroy them and the cube.

Luckily the Transformers can hide and regain their strength in the Defensa pods that are scattered around a maze-like structure of pipes that form slopes, ramps and stairs.

Unfortunately, you can only use one Transformer at a time so you have to move around the maze as quickly as possible. This is achieved by transforming from robot to earth vehicle to suit the terrain. For example Jazz as a robot can navigate stairs and fly, but can move faster along the straights and ramps as a truck.

Soon the Decepticons will find you and although you can keep them at bay with your blaster this will soon drain your energy so it's best to head for a defensa pod to recover and continue the game with a different transformer.