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Toy Story 2
By Activision
Game Boy Color

Published in Total Game Boy Issue 07

Toy Story 2

The biggest film of the year has all but arrived and the inevitable onslaught of games for every system are rolling towards the shops as we speak. Unsurprisingly, Toy Story 2 on the Game Boy Color is a platform game! In recent months we've seen The Rugrats Movie, Tarzan, Antz and A Bug's Life - all platform-hopping, object-collecting extravaganzas. Honestly... you'd think that somewhere in Nintendo Towers there's a rule stating that "all Game Boy movie tie-ins must involve the main character jumping up and down on other characters from the film". Come on... use your imagination and surprise people. It worked for Pokemon!

Ooo... The Claw!

Putting gripes aside about the overwhelming amount of similar games on the Game Boy, Toy Story 2 is an excellent example of the genre. The graphics are bold and colourful, the levels are interesting and well laid out and there is plenty to do, with secrets and bonus items galore.

Following the film's plot, you take control of Buzz Lightyear as he ventures into the outside world to save Woody from the clutches of a toy collector. Woody's been toynapped by a greedy toy store owner because he's so old he's become a collector's item. Just how well the game follows the film is up for debate (It's not out over here yet so a direct comparison is impossible). Rex, Slinky and the Aliens all appear as enemies in thegame so it looks like Buzz has been busy turning quite a few of his friends into enemies over the last couple of years!

You Have Been Chosen!

Buzz has a wide range of moves available to him but that can make the controls tricky at first. In a bizarre fashion, running and jumping are both assigned to one button. Hold down A and Buzz runs, whereas just tapping it makes him jump! The problem is that running and jumping at the same time is vital to the game. You have to hold the button down, let go and tap it again whilst pressing the direction you wish to jump in, all at the right time or Buzz ends up flailing into whatever dangerous object you were trying to avoid! It's a tricky situation and you do get the feeling that it perhaps isn't the best idea you've ever seen! However, you do get used to it fairly quickly and it does add an extra element of skill to the game.

Toy Story 2 is by no means the worst movie tie-in on the Game Boy Color, it's just the latest in a long line of uninspired platformers with no unique features. There are already plenty of excellent jumping games on the Game Boy such as Mario DX, Warioland 2 and Tarzan. However, if you're a fan of the film you could do much worse (if not, are you sure that you've actually watched it?)

Second Opinion

Disney's Toy Story 2 is a fair old challenge with eight levels crammed full of coins. Collect every coin on a level and you'll get a special ticket to the bonus rounds.

There are also interesting touches on the levels where you get to interact with scenery such as racing along a toy car track and flying into the air. Some of the coins are quite tricky to reach and if you get into the game, you'll certainly find plenty to keep you occupied.


Graphics 100%
Buzz looks brilliant!

Sound 80%
The tunes are toe-tapping.

Playability 60%
Awkward at first but fun later.

Lastability 80%
Plenty to do but it's all routine.

Overall 80%
A dull but decent movie tie-in.