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By The Hit Squad
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Crash #93


Arcade sensation of yesteryear, Toobin' involves two horrendously cool dudes with horrendously short names, Bif and Jet. Being so cool, the guys' favourite pastime is hangin' out on the local river, shootin' rapids and the like in an inner-tube race.

The hazards they brave in their toobs as they progress down the vertically-scrolling waterway include sticks, fishermen and floating logs. Bif and Jet's awesome watercraft are controlled with joystick or keys, up being paddle forwards, down backwards, and left and right rotate you in said directions. This is a little tricky and awkward at times, but not too bad once you're used to it.

Graphically Toobin' isn't too bad, Bif and Jet are well defined and in different colours, so you're not easily confused. The sticks are basic and easily recognisable (same goes for the logs), fishermen are almost invisible against the garish red shoreline, and sand banks are one colour with no shading.

Sound is a great little tune that was rousing and created atmosphere in the arcade, but doesn't do much on this version because gameplay is a teeny bit slow. You tend to paddle maniacally to drag yourself somewhat sluggishly over to the other side of the screen. Avoiding sticks and other hazards is not a prob but collecting the letters to make up TOOBIN (for a bonus) is hard going. It' s a bit too tricky to provide solid gaming entertainment.

WILL … 45%

Will Evans

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