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Toad Force
By Players
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #30

Toad Force

It has been decided that the most advanced defence system in the universe has to be destroyed, and you, a bio-mechanical fighting toad, has been enlisted for the task.

The defence network is spread across five levels of scrolling landscape, and is heavily guarded by all manner of vile creatures. The jet-packed toad starts on the planet surface and travels downwards, destroyinf all in his path. Extra supplies are picked up along the way to the central system to keep the toad alive and the jet-pack working.

The game is extremely well presented, with a sub-game to play while the program loads, an attract mode and a great high-score table. The backdrops are simply gorgeous, with superb use of colour, and the sound works extremely well.

Getting to grips with the control is tricky, and consequently games can be short and numerous, but practice reaps its own rewards and mastering Toad Force proves to be highly satisfying.