Mean Machines Sega

Tiny Toon Adventures

Publisher: Konami
Machine: Sega Mega Drive (EU Version)

Published in Mean Machines Sega #7

Tiny Toon Adventures

Whilst sweeping away the cobwebs from the Looniversity's dark, dank cellar Buster Bunny discovers a scrap a paper. Amazingly the sheet has scrawled upon it a treasure map - no doubt the same pesky treasure map cropping up in all such stories - and is swiped promptly from Buster's paws by the wicked, the dastardly Montana Max! Oh no!

Inspired, Montana pays off a certain Dr Gene Splicer to transform Buster's friends into automatons by means of some dodgy, electrode-helmet technology and employs them as slaves, ordering them all to hunt that treasure down! The mad doc and his brainwashed lackeys follow the map's directions to a group of secret islands as a bewildered Buster watches Montana Max nick off with Buster's girly associates for less obvious reasons - Montana is only a young lad, after all.

Oh Calamity! Oh Dizzy Devil, Plucky Duck and Hamton Pig! Oh babs and Fifi and Shirl the Loon! Only Buster can save you all! Taking place in the secret, treasure islands, Buster's quest for his partners' freedom leads him through perilous pastures, ghost ships and lava pits, not forgetting an ice level!

Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure

The islands are crawling with terrifying toon types - vicious snowmen and the like - yet help is at hand from the other toons that have escaped the Montana Max treatment. One person with a useful pair of hands is all that Buster asks of you to help in making it through and so, with a flick of his ears and a hearty: "Why I oughta!", Buster awaits your command.


The creation of Steven Spielberg. Based upon Warner Bros Looney Tune characters, the Tiny Toons are presented as the next generation.

How To Play

Guide Buster around treasure islands. Collect the carrots, discover secret rooms, battle the baddies and bosses and rescue Buster's mates.

Super Fly Guys

Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure

When the crazy, cartoon action gets too hectic for Buster, he whistles for the help of a friend. Everything stops while one of his mates flies or dashes across the scenery, depending on their character, as Buster observes the ensuing catastrophe with glee. By far the cutest of them all is the tiny blue mouse that floats in beneath a bunch of balloons and sneezes itself off the play area! Falling anvil gags and speedy upheavals are the other types of service offered by Buster's brave buddies, and all for the bargain price of 50 carrots.

Buster 'Bility

Rabbits are renowned for their, shall we say, 'verve'. As young Buster is yet clueless regarding the reason behind his boundless energy, he wears it all off by running about at great speed and springing off walls for some death-defying leaps. In tight situations Buster may crawl along the ground, he is also able to use his ears as handes when sliding down ropes. Buster even stands still in an enthusiastic kind of way. Consequently Buster gets bored very easily. Leave him standing for too long and he pretends that he's fallen asleep - of all the cheek!

Go Where The Dodo Do

Since Buster is without the treasure map, finding his way about the islands is somewhat difficult. Thank the artist - the closest being toons have to a god - for Gogo Dodo, then! Gogo has the rather unsettling habit of disappearing then reappearing all over the place, although this tendency does have its advantages. Knowing his way around for one. Gogo awaits Buster at the end of each stage in the game to point Buster in the right direction. In fact, Gogo is known to crop up in more than one location in each level, so keep an ear out for him.

Come Here, Over The Rainbow

Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure

Actually, it's through the rainbow. Wackyland, that is. For the unititiated, and we sincerely hope that includes everybody except the idiotic Thomas Guise, Wackyland is the place where Gogo Dodo hails from. It is, as you might expect, completely weird! For this is the place where all the dead shoes are laid to rest, broken clocks bide their time out of time and where screwy, screws screw around. Find the Tiny Toons' rainbow and Wackyland is open for Buster's pleasure, offering bonus carrots aplenty, meaning extra help from friends.

Gagging For It

In the unlikely event of the game becoming too dull for your liking, Konami have lumbered Buster with a few well-placed, practical jokes in the proceedings. Step on a set of false choppers and Buster is sent screaming into the air! On another occasion, Buster is bounced into a cannon and shot up into the stratosphere.

Watch out for the tin cans too, unless you enjoy watching poor young Buster fall flat on his face. Of course, no collection of visual gags is complete unless it contains the old 'standing on a rake and get smacked in the teeth' gag - so there's plenty of them.


Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure

Floating about the treasure islands are bubbles that contain the kind of stuff that makes Buster's travel so much easier:

  1. Hearts: Replace one heart of Buster's vitality.
  2. Bells: Extend Buster's lifeline by one heart.
  3. Item: Buster gets the assistance of a mate for nothing.
  4. Extra Life: An extra life, no less.


I cannot stress enough just how stunning this game is! There are so many aspects worthy of mention that there simply isn't enough room for my rambling here. The most obvious point of note is now Konami have managed to make the Megadrive's sound chip truly sing with each of the superb, swinging tunes in the game.

Quite often the Megadrive suffers from sounds that are a bit rough around the edges; however, the effects and melodies in Tiny Toon Adventures are very smooth and crystal clear. In fact, it's worth it just to sit and listen through the sound test, the tunes are that good!

Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure

Experienced platform addicts shouldn't expect the most incredible level of challenge from this cart; however, this factor is balanced by the many secrets and bonus levels hidden throughout the game.

Even then, the islands are quite large and certainly worth playing through over and over again, if only to witness the superb animation and startling scenery in some of the levels. Grass wavers in the breeze, snow-capped trees are seen as shadows behind sheets of crystal. It's amazing!

Yes, it's another platform game but it's one of the finest available for the Megadrive with only the magic of Mickey Mouse's first game to rival it for pure taste value. If there is a fault then I suppose that the slide attack available to Buster hardly features, if at all - but that's it. Just like the cartoons on which is it based, Tiny Toon Adventures is fast-paced, hilarious and impeccably presented. A real showcase piece of Megadrive software beyond a doubt.


Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure

I was stunned by Konami's Super NES Tiny Toons game, and I'm pleased to see that the Megadrive version (although a different game) is of a similarly exceptional quality. Paul's right about the sound - it's amazing! The tunes capture the fun and zest of the cartoon characters perfectly, and the sound effects match the game perfectly!

Gameplaywise, Tiny Toons bears a resembance to the Nintendo Mario series, with its world map and variety of secret levels. I can't stress just how superb the game is to play. Konami have got the control mode just right - there's no screaming at the console because the game's unresponsive or anything, it's perfect!

There's loads in the game too - the world map is vast and there are many devious levels to conquer. Tiny Toon Adventures have me glued to the Megadrive for ages! I'm really glad that Konami have brought their quality wares to the Megadrive. If this is one of their first attempts, I can't wait to see what other games they've got lined up for us.


Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure

Presentation 93%
P. Konami couldn't fit another scrap of presentation into here, there's just no more room. Its high class presentation from end to end and all places inbetween.

Graphics 95%
P. Again, superb - but more so! The Megadrive's graphics glow under Konami's expertise, leaving a trail of wonder and amazement all the way to the end.

Sound 95%
P. Tiny Toon Adventures embodies some of the best sounds ever heard from the Megadrive. The music is absolutely outstanding and the spot effects are perfect.

Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure

Playability 91%
P. Instantly addictive, the control over Buster is a joy. This is grinning material of the highest order.
N. It's just a shame that Buster's moves aren't exploited to the full.

Lastability 84%
P. The game offers much long lasting appeal due to the sheer quality.
N. Limitless continues and passwords assure completion should you take advantage of them.

Overall 92%
One of the best examples of the platform game on the Megadrive and certainly the finest example of the machine's abilities. Tiny Toons cannot fail to please!