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Home Computing Weekly

Time Traveller
By Light Fantastic
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #97

Audiogenic has recently entered the adventure market with some new games. This is one of them. After taking the dog for a walk (it's non-turbo), all is revealed.

What we have here is a text/graphical adventure of a quite good quality. User-defined characters and sprites are used in the pictures and displays are drawn instantaneously. As you take or drop items, they appear in the picture. This is useful and helps with the atmosphere. Additional nice touches include computer text and the display simulates paper being printed on a tractor feed printer.

The plot is fairly standard. You must search various time zones and locate the broken pieces of the magic hourglass to restore the delicate balance of time.

Two-word commands are recognised and the responses are rapid. One or two incongruities indicate an occasional lapse, but they're non-fatal, fortunately, and simply irritate the player.

Adventure fanatics will probably find this game easy meat, but newcomers to adventures will find it a challenge and good fun. The price is good and overall quality above average.