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Computer Gamer

By Superior

Published in Computer Gamer #17


This is the full-priced BBC version of the budget Commodore game that shot to number one in the charts a few months ago. The reason for pricing it as a full priced game is simple - the game is easily good enough to command it. In fact, if the game hasn't appeared at £2 previously, BBC owners would have thought this game is excellent value, rather than feeling hard done by.

The game itself is a large variation on the original Lunar Lander theme that was a game on mainframes long before Pong was ever thought of by Nolan Bushnel.

In Thrust however there is somewhat more to it than that. Controls are rotate left and right, shields/pick up/tractor beam, and thrust. The aim of each screen is to pick up a pod with your tractor beam and fly off the planet's surface with it. However there are limpet gun emplacements that shoot at you, fuel to collect and a reactor to shoot at for bonus points.

Each level provides a new challenge with a different cavern and arrangement of obstacles. Some are very difficult to navigate as the pod has inertia and can be awkward to handle.

Superior Software have come up with a winner here; the finished-appearance of the game makes me wonder whether it was written for the BBC first and converted later. There is a competition for the first people to reach the end of 24 and 72 screens respectively (the top prize is £200!).

Superior are soon to be moving into other formats - let's hope they don't forsake the good old Beeb.