Three Weeks In Paradise
By Mikro-Gen
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Computer & Video Games #52

Three Weeks In Paradise

Everyone loves Wally. And when his family (Wilma and little Herbert) are kidnapped by hungry natives while the Week family are on holiday in the Scilly Isles - where else? - everyone will want to help Wally rescue them. Won't they?

Sure they will! And Wally could win over yet more fans with this graphically impressive arcade adventure. Three Weeks In Paradise follows closely the Wally-game tradition. Wally has to wander around the desert island finding objects, picking them up and using them to solve many taxing problems and puzzles.

Wally himself seems to have added a few extra inches to his beer-belly and wanders around just a bit more slowly - but that won't bother you as there's lots to marvel at on every screen.

Three Weeks In Paradise

Graphics are as colourful and varied as ever - they appear bigger and bolder than previous Wally epics.

The jungle is populated by many animals - including lions, crocodiles, nasty insects and deadly bats. There's also the horrible Can Nibbles tribe who kidnap Wilma and Herbert and plan to turn them into TV dinners unless Wally can come to the rescue in time.

Below the main playing screen you'll find the objects that Wally is carrying - he can hold two items at a time, the number of Wally's left - you begin with four, the nibble-status of Wilma and Herbert plus a picture which gradually forms as you play which could end up showing something horrible - or nice. Let us know which!

Three Weeks In Paradise

For the first time you are able to change Wally's colour to avoid any nasty colour clash on the really colourful screens.

The graphics are the closest to the fabled "cartoon quality" yet to be seen on the good old Spectrum. The jungle screens are really impressive.

Animation of Wally and the other characters is above standard. The tune gets a bit irritating after a while - but you can switch it off and just listen to the sound effects if you like.