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Computer Gamer

The Worm In Paradise
By Level 9 Computing
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Computer Gamer #11

The Worm In Paradise

You begin the concluding part of the "Silicon Dream" trilogy in paradise. A beautiful garden full of beautiful plants but soon you look for a way out. You bite into an apple revealing a worm that grows and grows until it smashes through the garden wall. Although this is just one of the many dreams available to you in the Dream Paradise you realise its meaning - you want to get out of the "paradise" that is Enoch.

It is 100 years since Return To Eden (part 2 of the trilogy, Snowball is part 1) and man lives in cities scattered all over the planet. Enoch is the smallest.

It's a city where all the work is done by robots and man is left to leisure. After reading the cassette inlay you realise that the robots don't serve man - man has been reduced to a robot's pet. Above in space the robots are busy colonising galaxy after galaxy.

It is supposed to be impossible to break the system but nobody has tried - why should they? After all it is paradise. You, the worm in paradise, try.

Your attempts to discover the secrets of the city and indeed save the city and indeed save the planet are played using one of the most advanced adventure systems.

The game features a vocabulary of over 1,000 words that can be strung together to form impressive sentences such as "South, Examine tree and climb it, Take apple and bite it".

The result is a bewildering adventure packed with fiendish puzzles set in locations that are not only described fully in text but also illustrated with graphics.

Then, as an added bonus, the game includes a multi-tasking facility so that you can continue adventuring as the pictures are drawn!

You begin the game totally broke and so your first task is to get some cash. This can be obtained from the hospital by selling some of your non-essential body parts. Although gruesome this is essential as you will soon run up debts. Owe too much and you'll be arrested and recycled to pay off your creditors. Everything in Enoch is run at a profit including the police consequently you will probably be fined quite frequently.

It took me hours to get anywhere in the game and that was with the free hint sheet that Level 9 will send to adventurers desperately stuck. I have now persevered and progressed further, but you'll have to find your own way. You'll find the challenge well worth the effort.

Gordon Hamlett