ZX Computing

The Working Spectrum

Publisher: Sunshine
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #5

The Working Spectrum

This book is based on a collection of programs written on such areas as data storage, finance, calculation, graphics, household management and education.

Split into six chapters, the first chapter highlights the Spectrum as a filing cabinet. Providing a program called Unifile, any file containing records with a regular structure can be handled. The second chapter continues the theme of tying the Spectrum in with business, with three programs which are fairly self-explanatory: Budget, Accountant and Banker.

Chapter three concerns itself with Spectrum graphics with five programs which amongst other things help you create new characters, draw pictures and define a design of up to 65536 by 65536 pixels across. The fourth chapter sets the Spectrum up as a home tutor complete with three programs providing a multiple choice test with up to 1,000 different questions and answers, a multiple picture reading tutor, and a listing which tests your knowledge of geography.

The author has provided a collection of miscellaneous routines in chapter five, including Calculator, Calories, Graph, Renumber and Typist. Traditionally, all computer books should contain at least one game, and this book is no exception. Three games listings are included - Tracker, Missile and Word Sort.

Each listing is given as a series of modules. The modules are accompanied by an explanation of its function, a commentary on the individual lines, and suggestions are given to perform simple tests on the module to assure yourself that the module is correct before continuing to type any more in.

The Working Spectrum, written by David Lawrence, is published by Sunshine Books Ltd. The book has 216 pages and is priced at £5.95. ISBN 0 946408 00 9.