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The Staff Of Karnath
By Ultimate
Commodore 64

Published in Computer & Video Games #42

The Staff Of Karnath

The first official release for the C64 from Ultimate is all you'd expect from the leading Spectrum software house.

The Staff Of Karnath follows Ultimate's arcade adventure style, much loved by Spectrum owners.

You play the part of Sir Arthur Pendragon, ace adventurer, on a mission to find and destroy the Staff of Karnath, a magical staff which once belonged to an evil sorceror called, surprisingly, Karnath.

Before his death, Karnath cast an evil spell over his staff. A spell which would allow an evil race of alien creatures called Sarnathians to escape from the Realm of Unreality and invade earth.

Karnath hid his staff within a mysterious obelisk and locked it with a special key in the form of a magical pentagram. Then Karnath smashed the key and scattered the 16 fragments around the many rooms of his isolated castle.

Pendragon's task is to explore the castle, find the sixteen bits of the magical key, open the obelisk and destroy the staff before Karnath's evil spell can work!

The graphics are up to standard for the C64 - but I was expecting more from the people who have worked such wonders on the Spectrum.

Gameplay is excellent - more than enough puzzles to keep even the most demanding gamester happy for hours.

Overall, The Staff Of Karnath is a good solid game - can't wait to see more for the C64 from Ultimate.