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The Sacred Armour Of Antiriad
By Silverbird
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Your Sinclair #40

The Sacred Armour Of Antiriad

Phew! Fortunately I missed. Now this one is a bit more like it, a slick little number from Palace which first saw the light of day back in Jan '87 — the same ish, in fact, in which Camelot Warriors was first reviewed. Antiriad, though, has dated rather better than CW, as can be seen by the still considerable number of letters I get on the game in the Clinic. It's a beautifully programmed game which superficially resembles Camelot Warriors - platforms and hunky sprites - but is far more challengin and entertaining.

At heart, it is of course just another arcade adventure, but it's beautifully animated - our Hero Tal runs, jumps and hurls rock more smoothly thatn Phil Snout - and, gor lumme, it's actaully got a plot. The armour is the key - get into that and you'll find it much easier to find your way about. You'll also need to find all those natty little optional extras that all the best dressed warriors demand — gravity displacer boots, to give you that Cookeen lift, and pulsar beams, particle negators and implosion mines, which are even more fun than they sound. Good fun, and the sort of game that keeps you going right until the end.

Marcus Berkmann

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