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The Rocky Horror Show
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Computer Gamer #4

The Rocky Horror Show

The Rocky Horror Show was a peculiar musical and film. Now it's a very odd game.

In it, you play either Brad or Janet, as you try and rescue the other from the clutches of the evil Dr. Frank 'n Furter, whose medusa machine has turned your partner to stone.

Unfortunately, the De-medusa machine, has been dismantled and scattered throughout some rather strange rooms. Your task is therefore to assemble the pieces, free your loved one and escape the mad Doctor's castle.

However, you will have to cope with the castle's strange inhabitants as you pursue your quest. These include Riff-Raff, a manic depressive butler, Magenta the maid, Columbia a groupie, Rocky Horror - one of Frankie's creations, and Eddie.

Eddie is a failed experiment who is kept frozen in the freezer. Unfortunately, he frequently thaws out when he charges round the castle on a motorbike. If you're in the way, and he runs you down, you lose your only life. Consequently, at least a part of your strategy should be to keep returning to the freezer to reactivate it to keep Eddie under control.

Although Eddie and Riff-Raff can kill you (with a raygun) the real pain is Columbia. She mistakes you for her idol Eddie and tears your clothes off! This leaves you helpless until you manage to find them again, where she's lying in wait again.

The graphics of the game's rooms are excellent and there's surprisingly little difference between the two versions, except of course the Spectrum lacks the C64's excellent music.

My only criticism is that the animation of the characters is a little stiff but that doesn't alter the fact that it is a very odd and even sick game - but great fun to play.