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Home Computing Weekly

The Last Jedi
By Amazing Games
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #79

You must save the galaxy by killing the Evil Emperor, located somewhere in a maze of over 500 caverns. Your quest in this text adventure is dangerous and your path is blocked by obstacles and dangerous creatures. However, many creatures are unanimated and many caverns have exactly the same description. Although the few characters are recognisable from Return Of The Jedi not much else is.

There are some interesting puzzles but not many in relation to the number of rooms, and some appear out of place in a distant galaxy. For example, the program refers to an old Irish legend and a medieval legend about the undead.

The instructions are comprehensive but difficult to read and illustrate the lack of complexity because there are only a handful of commands.

Input is poor, varying from unresponsive to over-sensitive key reading.

Your Psi-Power (a measure of your ability to will some creatures to sleep), strength and lightsabre energy are shown - even if you don't have a lightsabre. Lightsabre is misspelt throughout.

Slow and tedious.


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