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The James Bond Collection
By Domark
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Sinclair User #118

The James Bond Collection

The name is Bond, James Bond. Over the last few decades this famous celluloid super-spy has struck fear into the hearts and minds of some amazingly camp super-criminals.

Armed with his PPK and polite English public school banter or schlightly reefined shhcottish drawl, there probably isn't a better cinema character you could choose to transfer onto the computer screen. But the original all-pace action of the Bond films is sadly lacking in DoMark's Bond compilation.

The titles included are Live And Let Die, Licence To Kill and The Spy Who Loved Me, the plots meandering around the respective film scenarios. Live and Let Die involves Bond fighting a vicious Caribbean dictator and aspiring drug baron, from the comfort of a powerboat, shooting and rocketing baddies as he whisks his way through canals, swamps and fjords avoiding close contact with enemy mines and fire power. The ever-friendly CIA drop all the weapons and supplies necessary for Bond to finish the mission - all you have to do is pick them up.

The Spy Who Loved Me was the movie that unleashed Q's Lotus Esprit turbo special on an unsuspecting world and if I ever discover who stole my model of it twelve years ago I'll have 'em. The plot involves Bond and a beautiful Russian spy investigating the disappearance of Soviet and British nuclear Submarines. The baddie is a big fish called Stromberg and the action takes place on land and water. You even encounter Jaws the famous metal toothed man!

Licence to Kill has our her takes on an evil drug baron. A variety of transport including a helicopter, a seaplane and some underwater swimming are all represented.

The graphics and gameplay of all these games was originally disappointing, and unlike a Chatea Neuf de Pape, they don't improve with age. That's not to say they're completely dire - if anything, like our excellent white wine, they're extremely dry. It's just that you'd have hoped for something with a little more body with licences like this.

Licence To Kill has the best bouquet of the bunch, due to the number of vehicles and scenarios you have to master but overall, even with three games in the package I'm afraid they not going to leave you either shaken or even gently stirred.

Overall Summary

Disappointing licence but the popularity of the films probably means that this pack will sell well, so don't be too disappointed if you get it for Christmas.

Steve Keen

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