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Acorn User

The Hunt
By Robico
Acorn Electron

Published in Acorn User #068

The Hunt is a graphical adventure set in space. Your task is to rescue one of your ship's crew who has been kidnapped.

You start the game in a space-ship. You must keep your wits about you when starting the game, otherwise you get killed before you know what has hit you. In only sixty seconds your space-ship opens itself to outer space.

The adventure contains many animated characters - some are helpful, but others are not so friendly.

The graphics are adequate, although small. They are loaded from disc, which becomes irritating as there is no way to stop the re-displaying of pictures when returning to a location except by turning the graphics off completely.

There are a few nice touches in the form of natty puzzles and humourous place names. Overall, it's a good game, although nothing new. Don't, however, take this to mean that it's easy. I had to use the cheat sheet to finish!

Gavin Gillings

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