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The Horde
By Crystal Dynamics
Sega Saturn (EU Version)

Published in Mean Machines Sega #45

The Horde

At first, a game that leans more towards farming than fighting may seem pretty boring. Planting trees, waiting for them to grow and then cutting them down. Buying cows and protecting crops. Wahey! Wail of a time. Beats playing footie anyday. Tell you what, you tend to the wheat and barley, while I go and get bladdered with the lads, eh?

Only it's nothing like that, not even remotely. This is an addictive adventure game that hooks you from the first minute. It's also tough, and not some pansy game you'll have done in a day, and it actually requires a bit of thought, like whether to buy a cow, or just protect your crops with a bodyguard (OK, bad example!).

But whatever is said, The Horde is definitely one of the most original titles, and the strongest seen for a while.


Overall 88%
Nothing like it on the Saturn means that it should appeal to most people. Top stuff.