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The Growing Pains Of Adrian Mole
By Virgin Games
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Crash #39

The Growing Pains Of Adrian Mole

The spotty adolescent with a passion for poetry and his beloved tracle-haired, dog-eyed' Pandora suffers yet more teenage angst in this Level 9 adventure. First released in April 1987 by Mosaic/Virgin it follows the format of the first Sue Townsend inspired game, The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole. The tragicomedy of Mole family life is represented in diary form, with the player asked to make decisions for Adrian from time to time. Choices are limited to one of three options.

Adrian's objective is to be 100% popular with friends and family - an impossible quest you might think and certainly Adrian's intended good deeds have an amazing tendency to turn out the wrong way. If you're a fan of the books and/or TV series, this contains similar humour, some of it taken directly from the books, and some of it brand new material. A good budget buy.