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ZX Computing

The Doomsday Papers
By Matand
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in ZX Computing #28

The Doomsday Papers

Just before the destruction of the earth by the warring superpowers, all the people deemed necessary to the survival of humanity (e.g. doctors, scientists but not, unfortunately, adventure reviewers) were sent to Alfa-Ren, a distant planet. Unfortunately, among them was an obligitary megalomaniac who promptly destroyed the new planet when it wouldn't let him rule. But a goodie scientist had invented a time-machine beforehand, and now you, his apprentice, must go back in time and stop the nutter by finding and destroying the plans of the title.

This amateur adventure is Quilled and Patched, and so has some split screen graphics which are sometimes rather good. The text unfortunately isn't; very clumsy considering how little it actually tells you, sometimes badly punctuated, and written entirely in captial letters which looks extremely primitive.

Although I liked the plot, it's been wasted really and much of the game is very run of the mill science fiction. The "problems" aren't very inspired, tend to be similar, and are incredibly easy - I solved this in two hours flat! There are a few bugs too, and a stupid piece of (il)logic at the end. The vocabulary isn't too bad, but limited nevertheless, and lacking EXAMINE which should be standard these days.

The shortcomings I've outlined could have been easily avoided; but with them the game is sadly not worth the effort. It is cheap however, so maybe if you're an absolute beginner, you might like it. Mail order only from: 29 Moorland Road, Mickleover, Derby DE3 5FX.