By Encore
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Computer & Video Games #98


Thanatos is a hefty green dragon who likes nothing more than rescuing damsels in distress and toasting whole armies along the way. And what luck! For, far across the land is a fair maiden in need of assistance, and there's a whole legion of soldiers guarding her.

Using large dragon sprites throughout the game, Thanatos is impressive. The pesky humans pale in comparison to the flying lizards, being only little white stick men, but they're animated well enough. Play itself is rather samey, but if you fancy the idea of taking on the guise of a mythological creature, battling against the odds on a mission of mercy, you could do worse than shell out a couple of quid for this.


The huge dragon sprite somewhat overshadows the quite repetitive blasting action, which will appeal to most for a week or so.


Again, slower than Speccy Thanatos, but the same rootin' tootin' fire-breathin' rigmarole.


Apart from slower speed of play, the game is exactly the same as Spectrum version, and similar comments apply.