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Test Your Child: Arithmetic
By Commodore
Commodore Vic 20

Published in Home Computing Weekly #51

The package, which needs 16K expansion, consists of two tapes and an instruction book which also contains progress and rating charts. The tapes test all aspects of basic primary arithmetic; addition, subtraction; multiplication; division; farctions and finally give a series of problems dealing with them.

The first four programs are for the full age range (seven to 11). The fraction tests start at nine and the problems at eight. For all of the tests a pencil and paper is a recommended extra - as the tests progressed they become more of a necessity.

Throughout the tests, sound tones indicate whether the answer is correct or not. At the end of the test, any incorrect problems are re-run for a second attempt. As this is not a teaching aid, no guidance is given as to how or why the answer was wrong.

The child doing the test should be able to run the program alone, or, if preferred, the parents can sit with the child.

All in all, a very handy tool for any parent or teacher who wants to check on the arithmetic progress of a child.


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