Author: Keith Campbell
Publisher: Melbourne House
Machine: BBC/Electron

Published in Computer & Video Games #48


Regret having taken that package holiday to Spain? Still nursing an overdose of sun and a gippy tummy? Now that the hols are over, you can relive those happy (?) moments spent with your wife Beryl and kids Ken and Doreen by visiting Terrormolinos - everyone's nightmare holiday resort.

Starting off in the smelly hallway of your exotic abode in Slough, it's not long before the taxi is hooting out front to take you to your holiday flight, and you're just about to miss it.

Chances are you'll still packing and trying to remember where you left the passport. There're other essentials too, such as tickets, camera - the photos, remember? - and the rest of the family. If you can find them!


Once these little problems are sorted out, and some careful planning of moves is needed to succeed, you're up and away, economy class, in a 747.

Your holiday really starts when you arrive, after a horrendous coach journey, in the Plaza of your resort. At last you can being to rela after the hectic last minute problems back at home. Or can you?

As you enter the lobby of your chosen hotel you are greeted by a friendly Spaniard: "Many nice time is for you! Go wine-tasting, see vinegar pumps into big lorry, go to Ingelese supermarket!"


You can almost see the famous Manuel from Fawlty Towers time and time again as you continue through the game!

At the hotel, two of your fellow passengers, Mr. Snargsby and Miss Peach, are having a whale of a time - but can you, and did you remember your swimsuit?

There's plenty to do other than bathing though - a visit to the red-light district maybe, a coach trip or two, or perhaps some souvenir hunting in the tourist quarter.


The restaurant is to be sniffed at. A typical menu might be: Hot Lancashire Pot, Patatas Fritas, Spotty Disks and Smoke Salmonella. How could you resist? As you can see, Terrormolinos has a lot of laughs hidden within it, but it has problems too.

I played a pre-production Spectrum version of Terrormolinos, written on the Quill and without graphics.

The final game will feature graphics - some of which you can see on this page. Not to be outdone by "landscaping" and "scrolling 3D graphics", the authors Trevor Lever and Peter Jones have invented the ultimate graphics system that present technology can support - "Saucivision"!

This enables snapshots you take during the game to develop on-screen before your very eyes, an innovative and potentially hilarious approach, since not all of the snaps are likely to turn out as you expect...

Terrormolinos is a fun adventure. It's only a game, but ... not having taken my holiday at the time of writing, I'm glad it's Italy for me this year!

Keith Campbell

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