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By Mastertronic Added Dimension
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #63


Tonight there's gonna be a breakout. The Wanglers are on the loose again, determined to bust their mainman and boss out of the pen.

These villains, or heroes - depending on your viewpoint - have spread chaos throughout the galaxy with their anti-education campaign. But time ran out when the law ran in for the gang's boss, Spike.

He's now held deep within Terminus: The Prison Planet. Powerless, he languishes at the mercy of the system.

But the other Wanglers are determined to free him. Not much is known about Terminus because nobody gets out to tell. Controlling the four Wanglers you must enter the vast maze of Terminus, explore, avoid or kill the many guards and hopefully free the boss.

The four Wanglers all have different abilities which can be used in different parts of the prison complex.

Mobod and Xann: These move by flying. Once their thrust/energy drops off, they get grounded until they can recharge. The indicators are at the top centre of the screen, under their name. As with all four Wanglers their suits protect them from the energy fields and hostile objects as long as the batteries are charged.

Magno: An expert cat burglar who can hang from the ceiling. handy for getting him past most traps, as long as there is a ceiling to cling to.

Spex: He can walk around, but prefers to bounce everywhere, steering around in the air as he does so. To get him to climb vertical shafts is difficult at first, but once you get the knack this is one useful character!

Teleports link the different security zones. The main system will return you to Command centre, where the rest of the gang wait.

There are recharge units throughout the complex which replace lost energy in the Wangler suit batteries, if you can find them.

There are energy locks restricting movement around the complex. They are controlled by computer activators which look like huge TV sets. At the left side of the screen is a platform. Standing on it will turn the machine on selecting one of four possible doors. Leave the platform when the arrow on the screen points to the one you want open. To the right is the teleport receiver. Stand on it to "login" your position.

Your scanner has a range of 1/16th the width of the prison cells and 1/32 of the height. At any one time, therefore you can only see 1/512th of the entire complex.

Terminus is a vast, sprawling game. At £2.99, you can't fault it.