Taskmaster (Sparklers) Review | Computer Gamer - Everygamegoing

Computer Gamer

By Sparklers
Commodore 64

Published in Computer Gamer #4


King Otto's beautiful daughter has captured your heart and, to win her hand, you must complete seven tasks.

The first task is to spend a night in the Valley of the Zombies. As you watch the sunset, the zombies appear. Armed with a gun, and presumably some silver bullets, you must shoot them and avoid their touch until the sun rises again.

After mastering this task, you are transported to a forest housing a very unfriendly wizard. If you linger long enough for him to fire a magical bolt or two, you may as well give up. The best tactics I found was to spin around, rapidly firing as I did so in the hope that I could blast him before he materialised fully.

The third task is to collect four statues whilst being attacked by ravenous vampire bats. Not my idea of a picnic. The 3D graphics can be a little confusing at this point but frantic shooting will usually see you through.

Evil worshippers are your next challenge and quite a problem they proved to be. These cowled monks have a very dirty habit of shooting back. I never managed to pass this challenge so the next two challenges remain a mystery.

The seventh task is to face the ultimate challenge: the Castle of the Birdmen. Exactly what the ultimate challenge is, I don't know but, judging by the other tasks it must be extremely nasty indeed. Perhaps I'm better not knowing.