Your Sinclair

By React
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #52


In a month full of reasonable new games, it was just a matter of time before a cheesy old rerelease popped its head over the barricades.

Tarzan, which Martech first released some three years ago, is as cheesy as any - a distinct whiff of Camembert, I'd say, with a definite tinge of Lymeswold. So don't be fooled by the packaging, which neatly avoids the issue by printing '(c) React Software 1989' and not mentioning Martech at all.

The game dates from a brief but, at the time, interminable era when the size of the map that one could draw from the game was deemed far more interesting than the game itself. Tarzan has some great sleeve notes ("And now, yet again, needs drove him to shrug off the thin veneer of civilization and brave the perils of the forest. Lady Jane Greystoke, she who he had won by the might of his steel thews, was in danger" etc etc etc) but the actual game is dull - just old Tarz running through the jungle trying not to get lost or killed.

There's a bit of fighting in here but otherwise not much to keep the pecker up - not even Lady Jane Greystoke. As Tarzan himself would say, "UUUURRRRRR-ER-ER-ER-URRRRRR!"