By Domark
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Computer & Video Games #109


Not a bomb-squad simulation, but a compilation of five of Domark/Tengen arcare conversions, namely Xybots (a sort of Berserk in 3D), APB (cops and robbers car chase), Toobin' (race down a river in a giant inner tube), Dragon Spirit (vertical scrolling shooty starring a dragon) and Hard Drivin' (a polygon driving "sim"). As far as the 16-bit versions go, they're not too bad, although APB and Dragon Spirit aren't tops, and Toobin' is so-so, but Hard Drivin' and Xybots make up for those.

The 8-bits come off a bit the worse for wear, however, though the C64 version does contain the previously unreleased Hard Drivin'! Quite frankly, however, the price is a serious put-off for any 16-bit bargain hunters - thirty sovs for the Amiga and ST packs?!

Overall, a not too bad bunch of good and bad games which is worth a look (if you're loaded with wonga).


An okay set, the highlights being Hard Drivin' and Xybots.

Atari ST

A decent bunch of conversions, but again, the price is a bit over the top.


Alas, Hard Drivin' is awful, and the others in this package aren't the greatest either. Give it a miss.


Hard Drivin' and Xybots are the pick of a not-bad bunch. Take a look before parting with the readies though.


A fine compilation of close coin-op conversions, lumbered with a hefty old price tag.