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System 3 Pack
By U. S. Gold
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #70

System 3 Pack

System 3 is one of only two software houses to develop primarily for the C64 (the other is Thalamus) and 1990 was an excellent year for them. Top of the heap was Myth (94%), the screens split into three loads provide a good challenge.

Vendetta (93%) was also slightly overrated, but only because it turned out to be a bit on the easy side. An atom bomb scientist has been kidnapped by terrorists - you must rescue him. There are four ten-screen isometric 3D locations to explore, searching for clues while taking on terrorists with fists, a knife and various guns. Between each location there's a top-notch racing game, complete with attack helicopters and police cars. Still immensely good fun if you don't mind the lengthy multi-load.

The final game here is simply the best beat-'em-up available on the C64, namely International Karate+ (97%). It's all out beat-'em-up action with three fighters competing to get the most punches, kicks, etc to win six points before time runs out. Beautiful backdrops and a bonus sub-game after every two stages makes this an absolute classic for one or two players. If you haven't already got it at full price, or more recently on the Hit Squad label, get it now!


Unmissable for newcomers with four top-notch games. Veterans must decide if the one or two games they haven't already got justify the price.