Surf Champ
By New Concepts
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #52

Surf Champ

Irish software house New Concepts are out to make waves with Surf Champ and its revolutionary surfboard-shaped keyboard overlay.

By applying pressure to the surfboard, which sits on the Spectrum's G key, real-life surfing moves can be performed. New Concepts say this is the ultimate sports simulation.

Before being able to ride the waves, the player must make a number of decisions. Surfing gear must be selected and this depends on age, sex and weight. Board length and weight must also be selected.


Once these selections have been made, it's time to head out to the waves. The screen then changes to a view of the sea from the beach. The surfer must paddle out into the sea, ducking and dipping under the waves to a chosen point.

Once the best wave has been selected, the player hits a key, the screen changes to a close-up view of the surfer on the wave.

Using the miniature surfboard is very frustrating to begin with, but with practice it becomes easier.

Graphically the game is a little crude, but if you fancy a unique challenge then you'll get a square deal surf from Surf Champ.