Author: Phil King
Publisher: Elite
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Crash #63

Super Trux


Juggernauts are often seen zooming uncontrollably down the motorway (and through Ludlow's cobbled lanes), jack-knifing and causing pile-ups. So perhaps it's not too surprising that people with a taste for danger (Mike Smith etc) like to race them.

However, instead of racing round Silverstone, you're travelling across Europe. Starting in London and heading first for either Paris or Brussels, depending on which route is taken at junctions. Obviously the Channel Tunnel has already been built - you drive straight from England to the Continent. Further racing takes you to other European capitals.

Super Trux

At the side of the undulating track are huge advertising hoardings. Contact with these or other trucks brings you to a grinding halt, eating into a very strict time limit. If more than a couple of small mistakes are made, you won't reach the end of the stage.

The fast-scrolling track is impressive, although all sections of the race look alike. But what really disappoints is the lack of gameplay variety - all there is to do is avoid the other trucks. The only original feature are the junctions. Otherwise, Supertrux is exceptionally ordinary.

PHIL ... 59%

THE ESSENTIALS Joysticks: Cursor, Kempston, Sinclair Graphics: fast-scrolling 3-D track Sound: simple engine noises Options: definable keys

Mike ... 46%

'I'm a great fan of racing games, but I don't think I'll be coming back to Supertrux. We've seen it all before, and much better. The hills work nicely as a graphic effect, but they make the gameplay incredibly frustrating. You can't see the down-side of a hill when coming up it, so inevitably there are always a couple of trucks waiting to hit you on the other side! The edges of the track are different from the usual in that you can't go over them; the slightest contact sends you skidding all over the place - not a particularly pleasing feature. All in all, Supertrux is a frustrating, poor version of a prehistoric idea. Give it a miss (a big one).'

Phil KingMike Dunn

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