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Supermind/Diamond Code
By Challenger
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #51

Most people are familiar with the popular board game of Master Mind where, by using combinations of different coloured pegs a hidden code has to be deciphered.

Well, Supermind is a computerised version and for regular players of the board game should prove to be an interesting diversion.

There are three levels of play involving four, six and eight colours respectively. As in the board game black and white markers are used to identify correct peg positioning.

Diamond Code is the second game on this cassette and is similar to Supermind but with a diamond-shaped colour pattern to be found. The rules for this game are more complicated, with about twenty screens of information to run through, including a demo. There are four levels of play and good use is made of the graphical qualities of the C64.

The main drawback for both games is the lack of written instructions for only brief details are given on the cassette insert. Other software houses produce copious notes in detail so why not for these quite complicated games.


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